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Christine J. Erna

President and Founder

Christine is an Industry leader with 25+ years of experience in the postal, print and mailing world and a passion for identifying savings for clients. she brings experience and value as trusted Postal Adviser, Consultant, Speaker, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Discussing the Numbers


Christine is an Industry leader with over 25 years of experience in the postal, print and mailing industry.  She has a deep passion for identifying and helping clients realize substantial savings and embodies the value a trusted postal adviser, consultant, speaker and process-oriented person can bring to any organization.


Christine is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified and can implement the strategies she develops because of her ability to relate and work at any organizational level . 


Strategic Postal Advisors has first-hand experience in managing postage budgets of and size (From under $10 thousand to well over $100 million) and can bring our best practice methodologies to you.  We identify root causes of any inefficiencies and develop our recommendations for changes collaboratively and customized to our client’s organizational needs and capabilities to drive improvements and real dollar savings.



We provide consulting solutions that help gain visibility to the enterprise postal life-cycle, control over the mail, workflow, postage cost, processes and address quality.

Innovating the Postal Life-cycle will;




How do we do it?

Strategic Postal Advisors performs assessments and analysis's, document current state, workflows, postage expenses across all departments and Lines of business and develops a plan with proven methodologies to form an Enterprise Postal Strategy. 

Whom do we do it for?

Any size organization that utilizes mail, has postage spend, a corporate mail room, or database that is used for communicating to clients and prospects.


What value are we bringing?

•Visibility into the Postal Life cycle

•Reduced risk of costly postal compliance audits

•Increased discounts associated with USPS work sharing

•A plan to mitigate future postage rate increases

•Improved deliverability of mail

•Preparation for upcoming postal regulation and technology changes

•Savings on the Postage cost per piece (PCPP)

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